Piece coming together for ‘Boxed’ Group Show @tampaworkspace in September. !! #inprogress #art #artstudio #boxed #tampa #seminoleheights #brandonmclean #tropicnoir

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Louise Bourgeois “I want to…”

“I am sixty two years old and I have dragged myself from day to day, the result of an anxiety that only work as a sculpture has appeased”, she begins on one closely scrawled leaf. On another, perhaps a little more prosaically, she lists seven ways to “end it all”, whilst another, longer list (image) a certain self-obsessive petulance makes itself apparent beneath the anguish: “I want to get/I want to keep/I want to say/I want to feel/I want to see/I want to learn”, and so it goes on, rather tediously, until we get to the final word, presented as if it might, in an ideal world that can never exist, be the sum total of demands fulfilled – “mastery”.

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Embroidery for the DC x PMU shirt collab, very honoured to be one of the 10 designers asked to take part. Shirts based on this graphic will be on sale at this year’s @pickmeuplondon by @maricormaricar (Via @andreirobu) http://ift.tt/1fsfCao

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